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Hello to all our travel friends,

Steve LeBaron here. CEO / Founder of Unique Travel World Wide.

We are the Online Travel Agency merchant supplier that covers travel destinations in the most alluring places world wide. Our site has what your looking for.

The future with us holds amazing travel opportunities for those looking and requesting above and beyond “been there, done that.” Watch for more of the “UNUSUAL” “ADVENTUROUS”, and “UNIQUE”.

World Wide Adventures of a life time can be found at www.UniqueTravelWorldWide.com

Were sure you’ll bring back memorable memories that you’ll want to do more of and share with all your contacts.

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” Caring and Sharing Hands ” by Steve & Janet

With your support you can help us make a positive difference in how charities can reach out for the betterment of vets, pets, homeless people, support families in need, rebuild homes and help stop starvation.

When you do go to https://uniquetravelworldwide.com and http://internetbuyerschoice.com  today, tomorrow and in the future to make your purchases, remember those in need.

*** You’ll never be asked to contribute to the charities listed….

Everything you can do to help spread what we are doing for the charities we have chosen will be appreciated by those charities that will be receiving our donations.

Our preferred favorite charities we like:
http://VisitingAngels.com … My mother worked there up until her death in Sept. 2014
http://www.worldvision.org/ …humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide in poverty.
http://roww.org … providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors of natural disasters world wide.
http://ASPCA.org / … Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
http://ConvoyofHope.org … Humanitarian Relief Organization on the road across America.
http://www.va.gov/homeless …. for thous vets that were fired up on and injured or not in foreign lands. You know who you are. THANK YOU!
http://www.fmsc.org / … feed starving children around the world!

*** We hope you’ll see value in our travel and entertainment web site https://uniquetravelworldwide.com and use our services.

*** When ever you go online to purchase from stores, check out our retail associate shopping site http://internetbuyerschoice.com. Here you’ll find most any thing possible at a great price and availability.

*** Our goal is to improve as many people and animals daily lives as possible that are living in poverty and are neglected.

We’d also appreciate you book marking our two web sites to your favorites for all your future needs and to share with your family, friends and social networks.

YOU can follow us on: FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Your support will be welcomed by those in need.

And is greatly appreciated by
Steve & Janet


~ See you on the in side ~

Feed My Starving Children charity www.sutww.com

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