Helpful guides before travel

What YOU need to know before leaving your home!

Please check that travel protection and valid documents are packed before leaving home. Be informed of passport validity date regulations.

Carry all documents and money on your person but not all in the same place to limit the inconvenience in case of loss. We recommend use of a money belt.

We recommend layered, easy-care clothing. Evening dress code is smart casual. Bring at least one dressier outfit for an evening at the theater or dinner at an elegant restaurant. Shorts and bare shoulders are considered inappropriate at some religious sites. We recommend comfortable, tried-and-tested walking shoes. Do not plan to wear new shoes on a tour.

Most hotel bathrooms have hairdryers or they can be borrowed from reception. Remember sunglasses, sunscreen/block, sunhat, insect repellent, tissues, and a warm jacket.

ATM machines are located worldwide. Be sure to check with your local bank to ensure you will be able to withdraw cash abroad if necessary. Also, the cash you receive will be in local currency and you will get the best exchange rate using the ATM.

Electrical current varies throughout the world and can adversely affect small appliances such as hairdryers and electric shavers. When traveling abroad, we suggest bringing a voltage converter and an adapter.

One of the most essential items to pack would be antibacterial hand wipes for a convenient cleaning tool. Foam earplugs and an inflatable neck ring or pillow are great for sleeping on airplanes, motorcoaches, or trains. A small calculator is extremely useful for currency exchange. A small container of detergent so one can wash out clothing items in bathrooms. Film, film, and more film, extra batteries, address book, paper, and pen.

We recommend packing an ample supply of any medicines, copies of prescriptions, and the telephone and fax number of doctors. Because of strict drug laws in some countries, drugs taken on a doctor’s orders should be carried in their original container showing the prescription label.

To get ready for this vacation, we recommend learning a few essential terms in the native language of the destination country. We will include with the documents some helpful hints about this destination, too.

Remember to prepare your home for going away: stop the mail and newspapers or have a trusted friend pick them up for you. Have a light on a timer. Make boarding arrangements if you have any pets. Pay any bills ahead of time. Make sure to remove perishable items from the refrigerator. Have something on hand that is an easy fix for cooking when you return so you don’t have to go to the store.

~ Hope these tips will make for a stress free vacation ~

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